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Battle House is a tactical laser tag facility in Lake Barrington that focuses on team oriented objectives where players will compete against the other team in mission based scenarios to score points and win the overall session. During the 1 - 2 hour session we will have a short safety briefing to go over rules to keep players safe and give an orientation on the equipment so everyone knows what they are working with.

Our massive indoor arena is roughly 15,000 square feet with 8 two-story buildings that players can shoot out of windows on the second floor or weave in and out of cover on the first. All of our guns are semi-realistic and we have a range of options that players can choose from if they would like to “upgrade” and use something that better fits their play style. We have roughly 80 different mission scenarios that our Field Marshals can choose from to give the best experience for that session.

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The family.
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The RECPlex, adjacent to the Lake Barrington Field House off Pepper Road.

Rep/Contact Info

Douglas Huckbody
CEO/Managing Partner
Brian Nielsen
General Manager