Habilitation Aide

Posted: 10/19/2023

  1. General Purpose of Position:
    1. To assist residents with direct care and habilitative needs in the cottage unit. 
  2. Essential Position Functions:
    1. Implement daily activities which encourage the spiritual, moral, and physical development of residents
    2. Responsible for specific direct care of residents
    3. Carry out programs written by QIDPs and help residents achieve their personal goals.
    4. Maintain good social interaction with residents
    5. Serve residents prescribed diets
    6. Complete and update all necessary paperwork
    7. Maintain good communication with Housemother, QIDP, Nursing staff and cottage staff
    8. Other duties as assigned
  1. Secondary Position Functions:
    1. Implement and follow all policies and procedures
    2. Take residents into the community
  2. Critical Knowledge, Skills, and Expertise Needed Specific to this Position:
    1. A high school degree or equivalent
    2. At least one year of experience working with persons with developmental disabilities
    3. A valid Illinois driver’s license
    4. Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the predominant language of the residents (English)
    5. Must maintain a current CPR and First Aid certification and demonstrate ability to respond appropriately in an emergency
  3. Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
    1. Must be able to speak, hear, and see (with or without reasonable accommodations) to conduct the essential job functions for this position
    2. Must be able to get around within the facility safely (with or without reasonable accommodations) in order to complete the essential job functions for this position
    3. May be required to lift, push or pull equipment. 
    4. Must be able to do frequent bending and lifting; be able to stand 8 hours at a time
    5. May be required to assist in non-mechanical lift, movement and/ or transportation of residents
    6. May be required to deal effectively with maladaptive behaviors
    7. May be required to handle hazardous materials/ substances in accordance with established policies and procedures (i.e. using universal precautions or precautions specific to hazard)
    8. May be required to operate facility vehicles including wheelchair lift and tie-downs
  4. Equipment Used in Performing Functions:
    1. Telephone
    2. Mechanical lifts
    3. Facility vehicles