Assistant Cook

Job Description
  1. Position Identification:
    1. Position Title:Cook
    2. Job Location:Kitchen
  2. Position Relationships:
    1. Reports to: Dietary Manager
    2. Positions Directly Supervised:
  3. The Resident is at the heart of all we do at Mt. St. Joseph (MSJ). The primary responsibility of ALL staff is to our residents. We must ensure that their care, needs, and safety are being met at all times.
  4. General Purpose of Position:
    1. To prepare, cook, and set up wholesome, nutritious and appetizing foods according to menus and recipes for residents. Maintain sanitary conditions in kitchen area.
  5. Essential Position Functions:
    1. Prepare all foods as planned on the menu for the menu for that meal for the residents and Sisters in the facility.
    2. Prepare all foods for the residents on special diets as planned on extended menus
    3. Follow recipes in food preparation to assure quality of foods prepared
    4. Schedule food production so that foods are not prepared too early before the meal time, but just 15 to 20 minutes before the scheduled meal hour to assure the prompt and wholesome meals to be delivered to the residents
    5. Prepare correct amount of foods as designated by the Dietary Manager, eliminated waste whenever possible
    6. Maintain kitchen to sanitation and safety standards, checking equipment and cooking area often
    7. Promptly refrigerate all left over foods.Label and date them and utilize the left over foods as soon as possible
    8. Clean work area and equipment used
    9. Receive and check in all foods and supplies
    10. Maintain and clean food storage room and walk in refrigerator and freezer
    11. Other duties as assigned
  6. Critical Knowledge, Skills, and Expertise Needed Specific to this Position:
    1. Must be able to follow orders and properly perform assigned tasks
    2. Must be in good mental and physical condition
    3. Must be able to speak and understand English
    4. Must have a Food Service Sanitation Certificate
    5. Must be able to do calculation and converting of recipes
    6. Must be able to work productively with staff and other departments
  7. Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
    1. Must be able to speak, hear, and see (with or without reasonable accommodations) to conduct the essential job functions for this position
    2. Must be able to get around within the facility safely (with or without reasonable accommodations) in order to complete the essential job functions for this position
    3. Exposed to temperature extremes in kitchen and storage areas
    4. Sits, stands, stoops, bends, lifts, and walks intermittently during workday
    5. May handle hazardous materials/ substances such as kitchen strength cleaning detergents, etc.
  8. Equipment Used in Performing Functions:
    1. Kitchen equipment as needed
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